10 signs your partner understands your running


I experienced it myself. As a runner, you are not training to keep a certain level of health; you are running because you’re passionate about. That means a lot of hours out the door, and less hours at home. That means lot of time on your feet, less hours socializing. You expect your friends, family to stand behind you, but the most important is of course, that your partner understands your running, being the training or the lifestyle that belongs to it.

We runners are all a little nutty, but we’re good people who just want to enjoy our healthy, primitive challenge. Others may not understand running, but we do, and we cherish it. That’s our only message. – John J. Kelley


Runners wake up early in the morning – yes also in the winter, and yes even at 5 am – to log some mileage before breakfast or before work. We’re crazy, and we actually need to find someone whose craziness fits with ours in this crazy world. So here is a list of signs/fun facts showing that your partner understands your running.

1. He/She stop complaining about your before-breakfast run

And stretch out like a star across the whole bed as soon as you jumped in your running shoes. None is to forget his/her satisfied, broad smile on the face to make you understand how foolish you are to go in the cold when you could just cuddle.


2. He/She stop asking why you had to buy another pair of runners – again this month.

Everybody knows that! As a runner we need different pairs of shoes to avoid any injuries. It’s not for fashion, they’re all different and have different purpose; we just really need them…Oh look, running shoes! Hello beauties, soon loves of my life! I need you too!


3. He/She doesn’t ask why you buy four different running magazines within the same month…

…relating about the same topics. No, they don’t. It’s always different; they all have different opinions and perspectives. Look this one handle about how to prepare your first marathon and this one tells you what you need for your first marathon. See the difference?


4. He/She doesn’t send you articles about why running is bad for your health

Because he/she knows that you have at least two articles speaking against it. Always prepared, always informed!
I already read it anyway…


5. He/She doesn’t tell you to take it easy during peak

And you’re sure you know what you’re doing? I mean logging so many miles a week can’t be good for you, right? Maybe you should take a rest day? Let’s go to the restaurant instead. Sushi? Corean?


6. He/She is at the starting line and the finish line of your A-Race without you asking him/her to be there

and first tells you to relax because you have a solid training in your legs – remember how well I slept when you could log your miles before breakfast. And then tells you how proud he/she is that you went through the race, whatever the time, whatever the ranking. Can I have your after-race beer though?


7. He/She is there to tell you that it doesn’t matter if you have to drop out of the race

sometimes, whatever your training, you have a bad day and that’s okay. If you really can’t push through, if you really have no energy left, than better go for a DNF. And I’ll still love you and be proud of you – yeah, that’s what you want your partner to say…
Reality is more… Can I still have your after-race beer?


8. He/She is the best crew ever

He/She knows what you need, when you need it. He/She recognizes the look in your eyes when you need to eat, to drink or just a bit of love during a tough race. He/She sees when you need someone to kick your ass or just to hug you – Or he/she is just well prepared to avoid any storms from your side!


9. He/She doesn’t mind going to the mountains for holiday…

…three times in a row. Actually there is not debate about where to go on holiday during peak of training, because you will go to the beach at some point. The mountains are calling but so is the Sun.


10. He/She is a runner him/herself

Well, now you can actually fight about who’s going to shower first after the morning run, how to organize the running shoes in the house – I mean maybe we need an extra room for them? You can try to run together without letting your competitiveness out, participating to the same races or just live your passion as you want it to be. Love in Asics, Salomon or Brooks or whatever brands you like. What…what did you said? How…Wow… So you prefer Mizuno…Alright then…


You were sure your partner understands your running, but he/she doesn’t fit in one of these categories ?… Ouch! #toughlife


Picture: SHEREEN M (Flickr) / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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