Early morning runs – 5 reasons to go for it!

The last couple of months, I was able to skip all my early morning runs and go out there at any time during the day. Well, that was the last couple of months. Now that I finally get the job I badly wanted, I will have to reorganize my running schedule and enjoy running in the morning again.

The moment when you first wake up in the morning is the most wonderful of the twenty-four hours. No matter how weary or dreary you may feel, you possess the certainty that, during the day that lies before you, absolutely anything may happen. And the fact that it practically always doesn’t, matters not a jot. The possibility is always there. – Monica Baldwin


Why you should consider early morning runs instead of evening runs

Running in the morning isn’t that bad. Now, if you are a night owl I can understand why the only idea of going outside at 5 or 6 a.m. causes stomach pain – or a good laugh. When I started running, it didn’t really matter to me when I was running. I was working in shifts so I was only running when I could and when I wanted. When I was writing my thesis I was free the whole day, mixing up with a bit of work, a bit of partying and a lot of writing. I needed a structure to my daily routine so I started running every day at 7 am to begin with a clear head in the day. I finally finished my studies and started working from 9 to 6. As my goals and dreams were getting bigger and bigger, my love for being outside grew and so did my training volume. At a certain point, I needed to find a solution to couple work, social life and my love for running – especially because all my friends are not runner themselves.
So when someone ask me the reasons why I enjoy running in the morning, I give the following answers:

#1 – Couple the so-called Work-Life-Running Balance

Let’s imagine you have a 40-hours week, maybe 60-hours or more. Or less.
You have friends.
You have your running with training and race schedule.
These are three elements to couple together to keep you happy.
You might have a family too, which tend to make the equation much heavier.
How do you manage the amount of mileage or hours on your feet, the quality time with family, friends and colleagues, as well as your efficiency at work?

YES! By waking up earlier, and fulfill your run in the morning.

Running in the evening is also nice.
Sitting on the sunny terrace and drinking a cold white wine with some friends, having a good laugh and a good time is also nice.
I think my friends understand when I say “no sorry, I have to run” or “no sorry, I can’t, I have training”.

Now try to imagine if I do that all the time. The probability that they will ask me to come with them the next time is pretty low. I mean, who would blame them?
They also deserve your attention, your love and your time.
Finding the balance between their understanding and your planning is key!
It’s the same with your colleagues and your family. I prefer having one or two glasses of wine and go home earlier than my friends instead of totally forgot how it feels like to laugh with them. I love my running, but I also love my friends – and I thank them here to be SO understandable and supportive.

#2 – A fulfilling run, for a happy runner and happy person

If you can find a partner to motivate you to run in the morning, that’s good.
But what I love in these early morning runs is the me-time I get out of it.
If I recall my winter morning runs, I remember a sleeping city, a peaceful and quiet environment interrupted by birds from time to time.
In an overwhelming noisy day-to-day routine, it is important to me to enjoy the calm, hear my thoughts, and think about… me. Yes. About me.
Go, try it! Take the opportunity to just be in the moment, meditating about your person, maybe reminding your inner self why you are such an amazing and beautiful person, embracing what you are doing for your mind and your body, or think about your dreams and your big goals without shame or fear.
A peaceful and quiet environment is the key to doing that: you get it when you wake up early and go on your own.

#3 – Embracing your surrounding and being blown away by Nature

When you have to wake up at 5.30 am in Winter to go for a run, it’s sometimes pain in the ass. Especially when the temperatures hit the minus, and you’re already frozen by looking at the window. You get out the door, and fulfill your training. Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a painful look in your eyes, but you push through it. And then you end up sitting on a rock, in the cold, watching the power of Mother Nature, blown up by the sunrise. I can tell, it’s attractive at all seasons. Green, gold, white.
So what do you think about having a beautiful sunrise alone before breakfast, and a beautiful sunset with some friends?

#4 – A run to clear the head and enjoy a productive day

Running in the morning help me to get but also to keep a clear head through the day.
When I started running in the morning for my thesis, I realized that I was way more productive after a run. If I had an issue the day before, I was able to sort things out during the run.
If not, I would change my perspectives and angles of writing.
This time of the day is where I am more lively and more productive, and well… I think I can tell for everyone, that you get more satisfaction out of a productive day, as one where you achieved half of your urgent to-dos?
Now, you can tell me you are more productive in the evenings.
Some people are.
But you can’t tell that you’re not a morning person if you never tried to.
Who knows, maybe you’re a hidden early bird after a good run?

#5 – Early morning runs for a good night of sleep

I won’t be long on that point.
I tend to have some insomnia when I don’t workout. And well, if I wake up earlier to run or do some other core training, the probability that I will be tired and sleep right away when my head hit the pillow in the evening is higher.
To cut a long story short.
I sleep way better when I workout, run in the morning. You should defo try it!

#Bonus Reason – What about race day?

You like to race?
Like really badly?
What about all these race starting SO early? Isn’t it pain in the ass to wake up on race day to take a breakfast? I mean, you poor untrained stomach? And your poor body?
I think, but it’s my personal opinion, that you will feel more prepared to tackle a race with a start at 8 am if you’ve already trained in similar conditions prior to the race. And between us…? We both know training only one or two time in racing conditions isn’t enough..

So what about YOU? When do you like run? What do you prefer? Why?


Ps: the picture is from Winter… One of the day I’ve been blown away by the mix sunrise and frozen ground.

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