About me

Find a purpose in life so bit it will challenge every capacity to be at your best. – David McKay


This quote resonates with me, my beliefs and my values and has become my formulated life-motto. Being an excessive personality, I believe the only way to a happy and fulfilling life is to live a passionate one – everything or nothing! Decide what it is you love and do it every day. It might be hard, but it shouldn’t be easy… it should be worth it!
You are like me? You get bored really easily? You are 0 or 200%? I warmly welcome you in the community! Let’s the journey get started. But first… You might want to know more about me, and how I came to this blog.

Me – Oriane

20+, from France and Germany, based in Berlin, I started running in mid-school but dropped it to ride horses, and finally got back to it in 2012. My friends and family say I am a junkie – a running junkie. When I am not running, I talk, read or watch videos about it. I simply love the sport and the lifestyle. My latest craziness? Watching my favorite video before going to bed about Western States 100, my ultimate goal in my runner life. Original? Not at all.
However, there have been times where I didn’t care about my body at all, living an excessive lifestyle in every domain of my life: partying almost every night, working, studying – and putting my body through high stress. In 2012, I registered for my first half-marathon.
Not because I decided to take the healthy path of the way to take care of my body.
It was more to take over the challenge: my ego was talking, not my mind.
After my first half-marathon I thought I would never run a marathon. But one year later, I did.
Next year, I will run my first ultra-marathon.

I won’t tell you that I started running to save myself. That wouldn’t be the truth. I was not destroying myself in mid-school. But for sure, it is running that held me back to slip slowly but surely in my old destroying lifestyle again and has now become my passion, my purpose in life.
Running is my home. It’s where I get back when I experience failures, disappointments, and success.
Running is what I will always do as long as I can.
Yep. Running is my home.

I like pushing my body and my mind beyond the limits of what I think it’s possible to achieve.
It’s just an incredible feeling.
And once I reach my limits
Well… how far beyond can I go now?

My big purpose in life

Today, 2015 I finally got to define what I want to do.
I want to run fast.
I want to run long distances.
I want to run at a high level.
And I want to help others to reach their peak of performance while running and juggling with the different hills of life.
Running has now become a lifestyle and opened my eyes for other things like healthy nutrition and cross-training, but also the love for nature. I am glad I took this challenge in 2012.
It helped me find my passion and define my purpose in life
Helped me to define myself and my goal to become an excellent runner, able to help others.

What is Moving Uphill?

Moving Uphill is a personal and independent blog for runners and wanna be runners who believes that running and healthy nutrition is the key for a positive and happier lifestyle no matter what.

  • You want to start running but need an extra push?
  • You want to improve yourself in your running?
  • You want to have a healthier lifestyle without having the feeling of missing something?
  • You want to get inspired by other people?
  • You want to join our healthy-crazy-runner community?

Well, then here is a good place to begin with. In this blog you will find a collection of tips, product reviews, resources as well as shared experience from me and other persons who inspired me along the way and hope will inspire you in return. Also, I will use the blog to share my story, my journey to my dream.
Moving Uphill wants to inspire and supports the runners and wannabe runner out there to be at their best and lead a healthy, sporty and crazy lifestyle. I want you to reach your peak of performance. Are you in it with me?

Why Moving Uphill?

My blog is – obviously – about running and my healthy journey to chase my dream. I don’t know where the road will take me, but I am more than ready to embrace it.
The name Moving Uphill came up during a chat with a friend. I tried to tell him  how running helps me every day to not slip back in a dark place again.
Running gives structure to my life.
I feel lost when I’m out of training.
And I want to give the opportunity to other people to get a structure too.
By choosing a healthy path.

Life is a long distance run. Hills come across the way. Sometimes you decide to run these hills, sometimes you need to take other paths, but still, you are running forward. In a vertical or mountain race, it doesn’t matter how many miles you have left, or how painful it is. What matters is the view at the top and the feeling you get when you admire the beautiful work of mother nature.
Running has helped me a lot.
And now I’d love to give back.