Asics shoes – a tribute to love


Since I’ve been running, I’ve always been wearing Asics shoes. When I started running (I think I was 10) we had a retailer partner with our running club. He made the analysis on the treadmill – that is normal nowadays, but at that time, I was thrilled to have the privilege to do an analysis – and told us which shoes to buy. He is the man who told me I have an Asics foot. Since then, it has always been my brand. When friends ask me to give some advice because they want to start running, I always recommend buying Asics shoes when they don’t want to bother with a foot analysis.
I tried other brands.
Yes, I did.
I ran in New Balance, Reeboks, lately also with Brooks. These are goods brands too.
But somehow, I run better and pain-free in Asics shoes.
I will never totally exclude the possibility of finding other brands.
But why should I change a winning team?


Why is Asics the best choice you can make?

To me, Asics is and stays the Godfather of running shoes. Of course, you will find a lot of very good brands on the market, all specialized in their field. Created in 1949 for Basketball products, Asics started producing running shoes in the 60s after a success in the 50s. Remember the TIGER shoe? Just a hint: Boston Marathon 1951.

Love, community, sharing, passion. I choose to wear Asics when running but also in my day-to-day life because the values of the brand resonate with my lifestyle.
“A sound mind in a sound body” – I follow an 85/15 rule, meaning 85% healthy structure in my fitness/running and nutrition and 15% of surprise (yeah I like to eat a good burger sometimes). I have a sound body and a sound mind and try to live after this principle every day.
Asics is persistent and prepared to always give and perform at their best. To me, a day without giving it all is kind of a lost day: in my day-to-day life, at work, with my beloved ones and mostly in my training.

The brand strives to excel by finding all the technologies possible that make our sport easier in a way. Not for everyone. Not everyone feels okay with this brand. But what others would find in other brands, I’ve found it in Asics.

Working in the fitness/sports industry myself, I tend to understand the “Sportsmanship” principle that is communicated by the brand. In my eyes, Asics is an authentic brand that strives to give the best for its customers in their sport but also in their lifestyle. Authenticity is in my eyes what matters nowadays. In our day-to-day lives, in the way we interact with the people around us and with the brands we stand for.

I’ve always been running in Asics: on track, on the road. And now that I do the transition to trails and ultra, I will try and find the perfect fit among the models offered by the brand.

Once Asics, always Asics?

My favorite Asics shoes

I can’t run in all the shoes of this brand, though. I can’t wear the mythic Kayano for example. I simply get knee pain when I run with them. They’re not for me because there is too much absorption in these shoes. My doctor – who is also an Asics addict – told me I’m too light-weighted for this model.

My big favorite Asics shoes for road running…and day-to-day lifestyle outfit are… the Asics Gel Tri Noosa 9. I love the color of this model. I love them so much that I am searching the Internet and all the shops to find exactly the same model and buy one or two other pairs. To have a stock, you know. Even though I tend to switch on the trails, I’ll still be running on the road because I really love running fast.
I wear my Tri Noosa all the time: at the gym, at work, for running. My biggest running success this year and, in general, was running the Paris Marathon in 03:28 hours with my beauties. I remember struggling before the race because I didn’t know which shoes to take. I didn’t want to run with my Brooks because they did hurt me at some point, and I didn’t want to run with my old Asics Gel Excel 33 because I didn’t know if this pair would hold the distance, pain-free. The salesman of Runner’s Point told me to not run beyond the half marathon distance with my Tri Noosa but after long struggling, I’m glad I did. I flew over the Parisian pavement.
I’ll write a review about my little loves soon!


I guess other-brands-running-addicts would never understand my choice, as well as I tend to not understand theirs. But, ey! It’s a big world out there… Finding the perfect fit and being able to stick to it during our running careers represent a challenge more than a matter of course. I am glad I found it with Asics and hope it will last. By the way, I assure you I get nothing of writing this article. After collecting different opinions here and there about running brands and about Asics, I needed to express mine and tell why I really stand for this brand. If I had found this fit with another brand I would also write an article about it.

As a matter of course, be sure that I will always recommend Asics shoes to beginners…

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