Back to the road – Berlin Marathon kick off

In 8 Weeks the next edition of the Berlin Marathon will take place and as some of you certainly know, this race will be my next running highlight.
Are you ready to come on an adventure with me?

Back to the road

I focused on ultra distances as trail and mountain running events since January. Some very tough races and bad regeneration got me injured for almost two months. But now I am back to the road, finding myself training for the one and only classic distance in running.

This is an overwhelming feeling to know I will toe the start line with 40 000 other awesome runners, especially with my boyfriend (@sascha.kowalski) who will pace me to – I hope – a new PB.
Looking back to the last months spending time between doctors waiting rooms and physiotherapy appointments, I am more than thankful to be part of the 43rd edition of the Berlin Marathon this year.
I really thought this goal was gone, and I would have to postpone it to next year, but there we are, me and my body, already in full preparation, alternating track, road, trail, slow pace, and speedwork as well as core training sessions to be fully prepared on D-DAY.

Never forget where you came from

Berlin has been my home for the last six years already. And Berlin Marathon was my first marathon back in 2013.
A lot of emotions connect me to this race, and it’s not a coincidence if I want to run my PB on this course.
I remember last year, when I decided to leave the road for the trails, I heard myself saying

Never again will I run a marathon on the road.

But one should never forget where he/she comes from, and I certainly did at some point.
Thankfully, I met Gerrit during my first trail race in June 2014, who then ran Berlin Marathon that same year.
Being out of training for a while, I had the chance to accompany this guy during the last 10K of his race.
Let me tell you something… that woke up some hard feelings about running on the road. I was hooked and my initial 2012 dream of running a sub-3H at a marathon clicked in again. Don’t understand me wrong, I am not planning to run a sub-3H at Berlin Marathon this year.
But yeah… as you shouldn’t forget where you come from, nor should you forget about your dreams!

I wanna run, and I wanna run fast

What I love on the road is the ability to run fast.
I love the speed, I love moving at a high pace – for my standards – and certainly I love to compete against the clock.
Some people always tell me that what’s important about running is to enjoy it and to have fun.
Well, being on a fast flat course or on a beautiful trail, what I love is to feel the wind in my ears, seeing the ground moving at full speed and enjoying the rush of adrenaline crossing the body.
Competing is something beautiful. And I certainly have a blast on steep downhills as well as on a road race.
I have no problems to admit, that one of the things I love about running is the inner competition and the achievement of my goals.

Challenge Berlin Marathon

I am so excited for this new challenge, I want you to take advantage of this adventure with me.
Every year millions of runners take the step to run their first marathon, improve their time on this magical distance or participate adding another great race to their achievements.

Being in preparation for a race, or thinking about doing your first marathon next season,
I will take you on a journey for the coming eight weeks.
The struggle of setting the right goal, finding the motivation to get out and train…
Dropping a dinner or a birthday party cause you have peak-weeks?
We’ve all been there.
And guess what!?
You don’t have to do that all alone.
All the runners I know have been there too.
And all these same runners are eager to share their own experience.

Let me give you insights about the physical and mental challenge of a marathon preparation, as well as nutrition and training advice. During the next eight weeks, I will post articles related to these topics based on my experience and actual preparation as well as other inspiring runners out there. You will find the articles in the category “Rock your prep”.

Follow and use the hashtags #rockyourprep #movinguphill on Instagram!
I will feature the best posts as we get closer to the Berlin Marathon.

Stay tuned Movers!

© Picture from Sascha – Thanks again

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