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Never tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon. – Unknown


UTMB | Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

UTMB is an epic race around Mont Blanc. Start and Finish are in Chamonix France, but you get to cross three countries during the race: France, Italy and Switzerland. The course is brutal, with a distance of 103 miles and elevation gain of around 32,000 feet. I think this is THE race that made me start with trail running in the first place. One day I was watching videos on Youtube about running over and over until I randomly clicked on the trailer for UTMB. I was so amazed by all I could see there: the scenery, the challenge and the runners. On that day I promised myself I would run this race one day, whatever it takes me. You can see this video about UTMB that is in my opinion, a goose bump video.

When? End of August

GRR | Le Grand Raid de la Reunion | La Diagonale des Fous

After watching all videos about the UTMB, I began to follow some runners, which lead me to discover this race. The Madmen Diagonal is an amazing, incredible, brutal course on the Reunion Island. The start is in Saint Pierre, at night with an End at La Redoute. You have a maximum of 66 hours to cross the Island from South up to the North, running around 170KM with a total elevation gain of 36,000 feet. The scenery is beautiful, the weather changing while you move around the hilly course and the atmosphere unique. The whole island is in the ultra mood. Everyone is outside, cheering for the runners. This race is part of the culture on this island and everybody is dedicated. On my bucket list, and in the top 5!

When? End of October

WS100 | The Western States 100

The Western States 100-Miles Endurance Run is in the top 5 of my bucket list. This race starts in Squaw Valley California and ends in Auburn. 100,2 miles, more than 18,000 Feet of climbing, 23,000 feet of descent, high temperatures, the wildness and yourself. First time I heard about it was in the book Eat and Run written by Scott Jurek. Just by reading the words “snakes” and “bears” I crossed that race out of my mind until I changed my mind. You’re not going to run this epic race just because of the wildness? Yeah. After watching the movies “Unbreakable” or “Western Time” – especially the latest – I am now sure that I will run this race one day, even if it might take me 7 years to entry it. I am glad my mom told me she would come with me. For the crew you know. Until then, you can read the reports of Sallys’ (McRae) & Erikas’ (Lindland) 2015 race .

When? End of June

The Leadville Trail 100 Run

Almost every runner has read the book of Christopher McDougall, Born to Run. In this book, he describes more than once the challenge that represent the course of the legendary Leadville Trail 100 Run. It is no surprise that this race is also call “The Race across the Sky”: since 1983, this 100 miler course starts at 10,200 feet for a total ascent and descent of 15,600 feet, and elevations between 9,200 and 12,600 feet. Now, I know I will have to train more than in the “hilly” terrain we have here in Berlin to be able to run this race. Leadville is (another) brutal course: less than half the starters finished the race that has a limit of 30 hours. Maybe that is what makes it so attractive. It is the legendary Ann Trason who hold the women record since 1994 in 18:06:24 hours. Warning: you’re moving on thin air!
Check out this video from Salomon Running featuring Ryan Sandes.

When? End of August

Hardrock 100 | Hundred Mile Endurance Run

Oh this race… First contact with it? Scott Jurek. For now, I can’t even imagine being strong enough to run this course. I always say that the Hardrock 100 will rather stay on my screens than me going there to run it. But well, we never know where life takes us, and maybe one day I will feel ready for it. Who knows? The scenery is extraordinary. Starting and finishing in Silverton, Colorado, the runners have to complete 100.5 miles in 48 hours with 33,992 feet of ascent and 33,992 of descent and a total change of 67,984 feet. And I said Leadville is about moving on thin air. I think the same warning can be good for this course. Traditionally, runners do not cross a finish line, but have to kiss the Hardrock, situated at the end of the race. I think this is the kind of race, you travel to Colorado one month prior to the race. Well, maybe one day I will take some holidays to do that…

When? July, first quarter

The North Face Transgrancanaria

Taking place on the beautiful Island of Gran Canaria in Spain, this beautiful ultra trail has for main purpose to test the capacity of every kind of runner and reconnect them with Mother Nature. The runners choosing to race the 125K have to climb a total ascent of 27,888 feet and reach the finish line in 30 hours maximum. Known for its brutal heat, Transgrancanaria belongs to the Ultra Trail World Tour and is on the agenda of many world elites runners. And also on my bucket list!
I can’t remember how I discovered this race. I think I was just browsing videos about ultra running – again – and found a kind of race report about it. This is the kind of race where you hear elite runners saying they had hallucinations, or couldn’t stop this thirst feeling even when drinking enough, or puking etc… And instead of telling to your inner self that you will never run this race ever, you hear yourself saying out loud “Oh I wanna do that too!” with a very naive look and voice. Yeah, that was me. Definitly in the top 5 of my bucket list!

When? First week of March

ZUT | Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail

My first trail race ever was one of the small distances of the Zugspitz Ultratrail (you can find my race report here) and since then I am just dreaming about running the 100K of this beautiful course. I think this race will always settle deep in my heart because it illustrates for me, the beginning of a long lasting love story between me and the trail. The first time I ever had the chance to run in the mountain, surrounded by beautiful scenery and lovely people. I have been flashed by this experience, and was kind of sad that it was already the end after 30K. That is why, the 100K is on my list, and surely is for 2016. But since we never know where life takes us, I will just be patient, wait, and see.
A little more about this race? Starting and finishing in Grainau, the runners have 26 hours to run 100K and climb more than 17,717 feet in the beautiful Alps. The ZUT is a qualifying race of the UTMB and is known as one of the biggest trail event of Germany.

When? 3rd week of June.

Gore-Tex Transalpine Run

Coming soon…

When? End of August

Salomon 4 Trails

Coming soon…

When? Middle of June

The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail

Coming soon…

When? End of June

Matterhorn Ultraks

Coming soon…

When? End of August

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