Pumpkin peanut butter soup – Vegan recipe

Guys, it’s pumpkin season!!! So, now I know, today it’s actually possible to eat that beauty the entire year… But for those who follow a seasonal rhythm, I think it’s now good to say that never ending summer 2016 (as Chris always says) finally makes room to one of my favourite season: fall. That time of the year, where the beloved summits are covered with snow (already!), the forest changes into a variation of gold and copper…and it’s totally fine to eat pumpkin. Every.fucking.day.
What? Every day? So boring… No! Really! No! I love this gorgeous orange vegetable you can eat in different variations like fries, soup, side dish, etc. I have different variations of pumpkin soup I like to prepare – it’s also one of my favourite starters to serve when I invite people for dinner.

Today, I will share my vegan pumpkin peanut butter soup with green kale. I tasted this soup a few weeks ago at a Yoga place in Berlin. I couldn’t think about anything else afterwards, so last week, I decided to try a remake in my own kitchen. Hope you will like it. You can even download the recipe later below, ready to print!
But let’s do some key facts first.

Golden Milk – Boost your immune system

I am the perfect victim for marketers, especially when it comes to anything good for my health. But when Chloé came back home with what she called a fabulous idea of drinking golden milk, you can’t imagine my sceptical look.
Golden what you said?
You’ll see, it’s a very healthy, ayurvedic drink made of turmeric, pepper and almond milk – she said.
To be honest, I have a lot of different spices in my kitchen, from thyme to oregano, classic such as pepper, salt or paprika and chili, as well as curry and… turmeric.
I can’t recall making any use of turmeric, even in my most imaginative cooking moments.
I just never used it.

Lunch box recipe – Quinoa Salad

Recipe day! I was thinking about what kind of recipe I could post today because even if I love to cook, I usually do without written recipe. Usually I look at some recipe online, memorize it and improvise in the kitchen, or mix up other ingredients I think suit better.
I decided to re-post my quinoa salad I did in January when I was working. A recipe I posted on my former blog. It was the week I tried quinoa for the first time. One day, I tried a tasty quinoa burger and a friend of mine also always talked about it. So when I went to my bio-shop for groceries last week, I decided to buy…quinoa! White and red. I had no clue how to cook it, but I thought that couldn’t be more difficult than rice or nooddles. Ea-sy.