2016 – a glass half full or half empty?

2016 was a hell of a good year. Yes, really. I started and finished my running year with a DNF in Portugal, Berlin and in Ardèche, I got injured after my race in Barcelona because I was too tempted to go for long runs in the mountains seven days after. I had to cancel not one, not two but three races – one was my highlight of the year. And last, but not least, I didn’t get the qualifying points to attempt CCC in 2017.
But still. 2016 was a hell of an amazing year, and I couldn’t find better words, than this quote from Kyle Schmidt to help me emphasize this.

Overtraining – A chase for more and more

Overtraining is a keyword every athlete has already been confronted with during his/her career.
Being it in magazines, blog posts or by experience, we all know its existence flying above us.
We always hope it will never affect us. It can happen to anybody sooner or later.
But as long as it is off the table, we continue to act like any other day.
After all… Why stressing out about something that didn’t happen yet?

While I was training for the Berlin Marathon, it never crossed my mind a second to be overtrained.
Rather did I felt like missing something and chasing for more.
In fact, I was always wanting to push one more session, even though I ended up frustrated at the end.
Despite signs of exhaustion, the loss for the fun of running, I pushed through.
So, when it hit me at the Berlin Marathon last Sunday, I first cried.
Like I wrote about my marathon preparation in the last article…
similarly to my training, my marathon was ugly and two-faced.

Transalpine-Run 2016 – Everyday heroes

Last Sunday, the gun went off at 10 AM for the first stage of the Transalpine-Run. 300 teams of two left Garmish, a village in the German Alps, to run seven stages and a total distance of 247,2KM and 14 862m elevation gain across Germany, Austria and Italy. From Garmish to Brixen. Many friends are participating, as well as my boyfriend and his team-mate Jan-Albert, who were starting as team Willpower until Jan-Albert had to withdraw from the race due to a bad fall.
Selfiing, hiking, going nuts on downhills, driving around, shooting pictures, laughing, clapping, talking shit: Jana, Chris, Stephan and I were supporting our teams all together on Sunday, as we did at Zugspitze Trail Run Challenge a few weeks ago.

Even if I was there just for one day, I believe there is something special about this event. What I witnessed on the trails that day, at the finish line of the first stage or even now back home thanks to the internet make me think about the why and the how of our beautiful sport.

Elbsandsteingebirge 2016 – 4 days of trail love

It all started with a bottle of red wine at a tapas restaurant with Joyce and Iwi. Both talking about the wonderful scenery of Elbsandsteingebirge and talking about how cool Elbi 2016 would be. An entire weekend of running with many others crazy folks. Like minded running junkies, freaks or whatever you like calling them. An entire weekend spent in running shoes, running clothes and – wait for it – chilly comfy jogging pants when not out there…moving. What else would you ask for? I signed right away.

Running is a mirror, let’s say, of life. We may have lost a little bit of ourselves and our true feeling… because we depend on machines and numbers and things like that. You have to rediscover the life and especially in the cities, this crazy rhythm makes you forget thingsDimitris Theodorakakos

Running like crazy – Outlook 2016

It’s already half of the month, and I guess it’s time to reveal my outlook for the year 2016 which is now known as a “Running like crazy” year. Not to find any excuses, but life has been busy since the 1st of January, and it’s been a bit tricky to find time to write. Instead of producing content, I’ve taken some time to rethink my blogging organisation and plan the year. As my friend Ivanna wrote in this well-written article: if you want to blog while having a full-time job, a family and other obligations, you’ll have to organise your life. I don’t have a family yet, but my social life is kind of the same.
So, there we go.

In 2015 I ran – a yearly look back

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote here. But now is the time to take a look back on this running year. 2015 was a pretty hard year. Some masks felt, some hearts got broken – for the better -, some lives changed, people left, some came back, new one crossed your way… Considering that life gets in the way sometimes, how did it feel to run, or not run in 2015? Successes, best times, new experiences, new friends, new adventures, new loves, failures, deceptions, tears, frustrations, laughs, smiles, miles…

Why you should use a pacer for your next race

You’ve finished your first marathon without time pressure, participated to your first 10K or half-marathon and you are asking the question “what’s next”.
The next challenge could be increasing the distance.
Or improving your personal best,
Your speed.
Your pace.
One thing that works for me almost each time I want to run a personal best is to run with someone, having a pacer or being one myself. I like to say that I am a solo runner, but I know I am better running in duo or within a community. It pushes me to the edge.
So maybe you heard about it or thought about having a pacer for the next race…
I kind of paced two friends during the Berlin Marathon 2015 – I say kind of because it was more about running together than pacing – and I will be pacing a friend for her half-marathon in April next year.
But what it is really?
What are the implications of being a pacer?

Asics shoes – a tribute to love


Since I’ve been running, I’ve always been wearing Asics shoes. When I started running (I think I was 10) we had a retailer partner with our running club. He made the analysis on the treadmill – that is normal nowadays, but at that time, I was thrilled to have the privilege to do an analysis – and told us which shoes to buy. He is the man who told me I have an Asics foot. Since then, it has always been my brand. When friends ask me to give some advice because they want to start running, I always recommend buying Asics shoes when they don’t want to bother with a foot analysis.
I tried other brands.
Yes, I did.
I ran in New Balance, Reeboks, lately also with Brooks. These are goods brands too.
But somehow, I run better and pain-free in Asics shoes.
I will never totally exclude the possibility of finding other brands.
But why should I change a winning team?