The Skins A400 long tights – A must have!

For my first product review, I decided to pick the compression tights from SKINS, the Skins A400 long tights. It’s one of my last arrivals and has become one of my favorite in a very short amount of time. I mean I have a lot of different running gears at home but the Skins A400 long tights have made their way to the top of my list when picking for tights to wear. So now I know, some people believe in the benefits of compression gears, and some don’t. Being part of the proud believers since 2012, this article should be interesting, even for the more reluctant person.

Testing the Skins A400 long tights on 82KM, during training, my last race, but also for recovery, I won’t talk about details like the reflections (all-rounder, but you can read it on the website) or the pocket in the back (I don’t use it because I am paranoid). I will rather focus on the comfort and my overall feeling about it.

Soooo… Here is my very honest opinion about these wonders.

Product reviews – New article series

Product reviews you say? Big time YES! The season has ended ten days ago, and during this last race of the year, I thought I could finally start using my “product reviews” category on the blog. Moving from the street to the trails, I have been facing multiple issues regarding finding the right shoes, the perfect gears for long (very long) runs. And even if everybody is different, I think I could share my troubles but also success findings with you guys.