Marathon preparation can be ugly sometimes

Only six days until Berlin Marathon, so I thought I could give you a little look back on my marathon preparation that started on July 4th. It’s all over my feeds in the social media, everyone is tapering, starting to feel excited, a little stressed. Some of you might be worried because the marathon preparation didn’t go as planned. But guys. Writing these words today, I believe there is no good or bad marathon preparation. There is no black and white. Preparing for Berlin, Paris and again Berlin in the last years, I believe I am able to compare what went perfectly and what could be improved. But still. You can have the best-adjusted plan in the world, that suits your needs and level, you will never be able to control all factors influencing your training.


The real importance of sleep in “eat train sleep repeat”

I don’t know about you guys, but besides of being hungry all the time, I also feel that my usual 7H of sleep need to be extended since I started my marathon preparation. Funny when thinking that a few years ago, I preferred cutting on my sleep than on my various activities – one of them being partying almost full time. For me, sleeping was a waste of time. Imagine my face when I learned that we sleep 1/3 of our lifetime on earth. OMG!
I was devastated and ready to fight physic. Or science. Or whatever.
If the day still has 24H, my priorities have changed and I moved from party queen to pillow-lover and would like to give you obvious reason/data why sleep should become your priority while training. 

Why a training plan might be a brilliant idea

Now that you’ve decided to run your first or next marathon, you may ask yourself the million-dollar question:
Do I need a training plan?
On one hand, you have this one friend who run without a plan, a watch nor HR belt
– I mean, come on, where are the data if not on Strava?
– or even a cellphone – Not catching Pokemon either?? What’s wrong? Hello, 2016?!
Well this no-technology-while-running-friendly-friends of yours may have adviced you to not run by plan.
No, actually, this friend looks at you incredulously like you would speak in an unknown language.
– A training plan? What is it?
Ok. Next.
Since nothing and nobody can unseat your willpower to be well prepared for your marathon, you keep asking around.
And there you are. Some friends are preparing their marathon or half marathon following a training plan.
Hallelujah, you are not alone!
*Victory Lap*
Hm, sorry. Hello? May I have your attention, please?
I know, the euphoria when you feel belonging somewhere, even to the wide group of we-use-a-training-plan-runners. I do too. Welcome, my dear.
May I give you some advice about that so called training plan now?
Cool. There you go.