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Product reviews you say? Big time YES! The season has ended ten days ago, and during this last race of the year, I thought I could finally start using my “product reviews” category on the blog. Moving from the street to the trails, I have been facing multiple issues regarding finding the right shoes, the perfect gears for long (very long) runs. And even if everybody is different, I think I could share my troubles but also success findings with you guys.

Let’s be fair with the product reviews

So, in the coming months, you will find articles about different products, different brands, from shoes to tights. My product reviews are not sponsored unless I mention it in the article. Some brands ask me to test some products and I will always share my honest opinion about it. For me, the most important thing is not to receive free gears to test, but to help you, making the choice that is right for you. So, if in my opinion this one shoe or this one bra is a no go, I will be fair, and share it with you.

Constructive critics, being it for product reviews or also to a person, or to a project is always welcome. This is what help us grow and thrive to always be at our best. I always appreciate honest feedback even if sometimes it is unpleasant to hear or to read, but this is also what help us staying authentic and true to ourselves. There is nothing more annoying than trying to be someone else just to fit in, just to please a brand. With this article, I want to make a kind of commitment to you, dear Movers that are following this blog. I commit myself to you, to write and share product reviews that are true to the spirit I am trying to build through this site.

Hope you will enjoy it! The first one is coming out tomorrow!


If you have anything you want me to test or talk about in this series of article, please share it with me in the comment. I’ll help as far as I can!



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