Pumpkin peanut butter soup – Vegan recipe

Guys, it’s pumpkin season!!! So, now I know, today it’s actually possible to eat that beauty the entire year… But for those who follow a seasonal rhythm, I think it’s now good to say that never ending summer 2016 (as Chris always says) finally makes room to one of my favourite season: fall. That time of the year, where the beloved summits are covered with snow (already!), the forest changes into a variation of gold and copper…and it’s totally fine to eat pumpkin. Every.fucking.day.
What? Every day? So boring… No! Really! No! I love this gorgeous orange vegetable you can eat in different variations like fries, soup, side dish, etc. I have different variations of pumpkin soup I like to prepare – it’s also one of my favourite starters to serve when I invite people for dinner.

Today, I will share my vegan pumpkin peanut butter soup with green kale. I tasted this soup a few weeks ago at a Yoga place in Berlin. I couldn’t think about anything else afterwards, so last week, I decided to try a remake in my own kitchen. Hope you will like it. You can even download the recipe later below, ready to print!
But let’s do some key facts first.


Why is pumpkin SO good for you?



Orange. A pumpkin is orange. In that case, it means it’s full of carotenoids. So what you tell me? I’ll tell you. When you eat vegetables rich in carotenoids, your magnificent machine also called body transforms it in… Vitamin A. Yes, it does.
And why is vitamin A so good for us you ask?
Vitamin A is powerful in many ways. It’s an antioxidant, contributes to maintaining our vision and brain functions and, really important a lovely skin. So if you hate pumpkin, it’s time you start to love them. Not only it’s good for all the reasons mentioned above, but it is also good for your bones and reduces inflammation. Hello? Inflammation? Antioxidants? Yes! Pumpkin is kind of perfect for runners – and everyone.
Key facts – one bowl of pumpkin soup contains way more as the recommended intake of vitamin A. Daily. BOUM!


Other facts. Pumpkin helps you to keep your weight stable. It does! See, pumpkin is a fibre source and is low on calories. Which means for the people caring about their diet that you will feel full longer. So that being said, if you feel full longer you might have less carving. Maybe pumpkin is the key to our mid-day-full-of-sugar-snacks. I don’t feel affected. I have no cravings since I stopped working. But maybe you do? Eat pumpkin! God, I sound like a poor vegetable-lobbyist fighting for the right of this perfect creature, people use as decoration during Halloween.


So now we come to one of the last facts – because seriously, the list of benefits provided by a simple portion of pumpkin is long. Very. Long. But this one is really important. Eating pumpkin after a workout, being it running or core training or cross training, improves your recovery. Yes! And you know why? Because there is potassium in there! Isn’t it formidable? Oh god… I love everything about this vegetable!Ok, last one. Really. Like turmeric (which is really good to drink as golden milk, you can see the recipe here), pumpkin


Ok, last one. Really. Like turmeric (which is really good to drink as golden milk, you can see the recipe here), pumpkin maintains and stimulates our immune system. Which is perfect regarding the change of season and weather and… temperatures. Yes, not everyone lives in a country where you reach 30 degrees in fall. For my part, I am under virus attack since two weeks, but I won’t let them win. Pumpkin, turmeric and ginger are my best friends.


The pumpkin, the peanut butter & some love soup


So what do I need to do this beauty?
I’ll try to repeat the firework of ingredients and process that happened into my brain at the exact moment I decided to cook that soup. For the second time. You can also download a PDF here 

I am not used to writing recipes, so be nice to me.  I look forward to hearing about it and for any suggestions about how to provide you with the best cooking material. Ever. Let’s do this, folks! With love, please!


SERVING 3 to 4 persons I guess


1 Hokkaido / red Kuri squash pumpkin chopped into little pieces – No you don’t need to peel it, yes you need to deseed it
1 red onion finely chopped
4 pressed garlic cloves
92 gr creamy peanut butter
1.5 L water
Spice mix of ½ tsp turmeric, ½ tsp chilli flakes & ½ tsp celery flakes
Salt, fresh pepper, dash of olive oil


Washed kale in little flower pieces
2-3 garlic cloves cut in half


  1. Heat some olive oil in the pot. When hot, add the onions, then the pressed garlic & finally the mix of spices (turmeric, chilli & celery flakes). It should already smell like heaven, if not… just open the window.
  2. Add the pumpkin & stir it with the mix of onion-garlic-spices. After 1 or 2 MIN, just add the water. Cover up & wait for it to boil. Then reduce the heat to medium for 20 MIN.
  3. When you are ready to puree the pumpkins, make sure you take off some water off the pot & keep it by the side. Add the peanut butter, salt & pepper, & some love. Don’t forget to taste!
  4. Heat up a pan with some olive oil. Add the garlic & the kale.
  5. Serving: put some kale in the bowl, add the soup & some love. Re-add some flower-kale for decoration. Bon appétit!


Enjoy folks! Please comment below and let me think how you liked it! Share it if you wanna spread the fall-love!



  1. I love pumpkin and really enjoy it in soups. Thanks for the suggestion with the peanut butter. I will make sure to add a spoon next time!

    • Oriane

      Yes I love it too. Tell me what you think once you’ve tried! Enjoy!!! And thanks for reading 🙂

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