The Skins A400 long tights – A must have!

For my first product review, I decided to pick the compression tights from SKINS, the Skins A400 long tights. It’s one of my last arrivals and has become one of my favorite in a very short amount of time. I mean I have a lot of different running gears at home but the Skins A400 long tights have made their way to the top of my list when picking for tights to wear. So now I know, some people believe in the benefits of compression gears, and some don’t. Being part of the proud believers since 2012, this article should be interesting, even for the more reluctant person.

Testing the Skins A400 long tights on 82KM, during training, my last race, but also for recovery, I won’t talk about details like the reflections (all-rounder, but you can read it on the website) or the pocket in the back (I don’t use it because I am paranoid). I will rather focus on the comfort and my overall feeling about it.

Soooo… Here is my very honest opinion about these wonders.

It is a size 10 years old or what?

When I opened, the pack containing the Skins A400 long tights it took me some time to believe it was my size. I have been testing other compression brands before, that are – in my opinion – not good concerning the fit, so when I unpacked my newcomer, I was shocked. I thought it was a kid size.

How the hell am I supposed to squeeze my legs into that?

But surprise! For a 179 cm and 60 something KG – you don’t really believe I am going to tell you my weight – I am wearing a size S, and it’s a damned perfect fit. When I jumped in, and by jumping, I mean gesticulating around to squeeze myself into the Skins A400 long tights, I was directly amazed by the fit. It is long enough to cover your ankles, and just adapt to your body till the belly button. And once it’s on, you feel how the strong compression supports your legs. Nothing moves from the ankles to the tights. No really. This brand really fits its name perfectly. Because once I am wearing the Skins A400 long tights? It feels like a second skin.

Skins A400 long tights details 3

Skins A400 long tights details 2

Skins A400 long tights details 1

The Skins A400 long tights in action

Actually, it’s more me who is in action here, but yeah, you’ve got the picture. So, I decided to wear the tights on my last race in France after trying it out two times during training. Usually, everybody would tell you to really test your gears on long distances before an ultra, but the Skins A400 long tights isn’t a problem on one hour or two, so I thought why should it be a problem during 10 hours?
I was not worried about chaffing as I’ve experienced it before with other gears because of the stitching. You can’t feel them during your run, or just by wearing the tights. Here again, SKINS made a very good job. A second skin it is. Really, no jokes. You completely forgot about it.

The morning of the race I was a bit scared of my choice because the temperature was reaching the minus 4 and the tights are made of a very thin fabric. But as I got to discover, the Skins A400 long tights really keep you warm. It’s not a kind of commercial statement from SKINS to make you buy it. I have been running in France beginning of the year with different tights, by minus degrees, and my legs were very cold at some point – not to mention red.

For the women who have been struggling for years with tights moving when you’re running. This one is your shot. It doesn’t move, it’s really comfortable as if it would be custom-made for you.

Skins A400 long tights DO

What about recovery?

On their website, SKINS says that by wearing the Skins A400 long tights “your legs recover more quickly after your training.” I truly believe it because this is how I experienced it. I ran different races (here or here for example) this year of different length. And even if I dropped after 52K of my last race, I felt the difference in my recovery in comparison to half marathons or ultra-races. So now you can tell me, that it is placebo, or due to different factors. But regarding the shit week I had before the race, with a lack of sleep and no proper eating, I can tell you, that my recovery went so fast, I could have run seven days after. The only reason, why I didn’t was because of my hip, but this is due to an old injury that is haunting me.

I was wearing the Skins A400 long tights during the race, in the cold, but also the days after. And yes, of course, I cleaned it after the race before gearing it up again.
Regarding how I ate in France, and how much red wine I have been drinking before and after the race, people. I am a true believer that these tights made my recovery faster. I should have been hurting with sore muscles way longer – especially because of the wine – and actually I was able to drive and to just move around.

Skins A400 long tights standing

So, what’s the verdict?

BUY IT. Just buy it. Why are you still thinking about it? Wait, wait. Yes, buy it! If you believe in compression or not. Because if you don’t believe in compression, you might become a believer once you’ve tried them. The Skins A400 long tights is a MUST-HAVE in your collection. But well, it’s my opinion.
And for those who are reluctant because of its price, SKINS is doing a so called BLACK FRIDAY action until the 28th of November where you can get up to 50% on their collection. Last time I looked on the website, the tights were at a price of 91 EUR instead of 130 EUR (German prices)
Go get them! And tell me what you think about it!

If you like the article or have some critics – it’s my first product review – please share it with me in the comment. I am always seeking for improvement.
Next time, I will talk about the Salomon SLAB Ultra Shoes. Stay tuned!




A few month ago, SKINS ask me if I would be willing to test the tights and write about it. I said yes, but only if I could be honest about it.

The pictures were made by my friend Maria from Panoram Patterns.

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