The summits of my heart

When I see you
time stands still
I look at you.
My heart rate is through the roof
nothing else matters.

When I touch you
I feel like being a teenager again.
Can’t get my eyes off you.
You’re always on my mind.
I can´t concentrate on anything but you.

I am aware
You should always be treated with respect.
Arrogance won’t take us to the next level.
I will always look up to you.

Although, as you can be warm, welcoming and loving,
suddenly you can become cold and cruel.
Dark and untouchable.

You can show us how little we just are.

I am scared.
Afraid to fall again.
Not able to move.

But I´ve learned from my mistakes.
How to get up..
Moving on.

summits car mirror

When I am driving on the highway
I will look out for you.
I will take my changes.

Soon I will find you.
And we will rise together.

As we move on slippery paths.
We discover the unknown.
Discover ourselves.

And we accept the risk to get hurt again.
Because we won´t let fear control us.
We jump with both feet
We dive in.
It’s worth it.

Along the ridges
On steep uphills.
And rough downhills
We accept your challenge.

Reminding us at every step.
I try to move on you
Be one with you.
I am hooked and can’t escape you anymore.

I can’t escape you.

Don’t know how others manage
To keep their eyes straight when they pass you
When your summits
Are so close.

When I’m with you, it is like
encountering the love of your life for the first time

So insecure, but curious.

Goodbyes are painful.
Oh! This pain…
It hurts way more than every fall you caused.
It is as exhilarating
As I reach your very top.

summits just flying

And as we fly over you,
everyone´s silent.
Intimidated by your imposing and breathtaking presence.

We admire your beauty.
The fog that seemed to be floating,
suspended over the valleys,
the clouds stuck to your summits.

And there.
We could see you.
The sun was glancing over you

With all your beauty, your strengths
This overall greatness…

Each perfect imperfection of these ridges
your summits are the masterpiece
the final touch of creation
Of Mother Nature.

This unconditional love
for these summits
These mountains.

And as we are flying over,
time stand still and I have one single thought

Oriane, my dear

What are you waiting for?


1000 Thanks to Sascha (@sascha.kowalski) who contributed to speak my mind when I was struggling with the writing – yes, that happens sometimes. Really happy with the outcome!

And…hope you enjoyed the read.



  1. Beautifully written.

    • Oriane

      Thanks Keilynn 🙂 Always nice to see that you enjoy what you read. Means a lot!

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